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This usecase is a Minecraft mod using the FabricMC library that let Minecraft streamers have audio description in their live streams. This mod is a fork of the AccessibilityPlus mod (published in 2020 by Luis Sanchez).


Start of transcription.

Hi, I’m David Libeau. I’m a PhD student working on GameToSpeech, a system that will provide audio description for games.
Today, we gonna have a look a first prototype of a Minecraft mod that will add audio description to this game.
For doing such, I forked the AccessibilityPlus Minecraft mod published by Luis Sanchez in 2020 and modified it a bit. I added an authentication system and the use of the GameToSpeech API.
Here we are in Visual Studio. We will not go in depth about the code, but we can notice here a “sendToServer” function that is sending data to the GameToSpeech API.
Now, let’s launch Minecraft with the GameToSpeech mod installed. It can take a while.
Here we are in a Minecraft world.
The GameToSpeech mod is adding commands. The one we want is the “connect” command. This command is asking for a login key. To get that, I will log in GameToSpeech on a web browser and click on “Create login key” on my profile. Then, I need to copy paste this key into Minecraft using the “connect” command. “Success”! If I get back to the web dashboard and refresh it, we can see that I am connected to Minecraft.
But, when I go back to Minecraft, I still don’t have audio description. That’s normal. The audio description is provided on the web browser. We can see some “OK” on the Visual studio console showing that API calls have been made.
Now, if I go to “”, and go back to the game, we can hear audio description.
I personally cannot read text on this sign because there is not enough contrast, but the GameToSpeech can read it!
That’s all for this demo.

End of transcription.

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Game description

Minecraft is a sandbox video game released in 2011 developed by Mojang (Microsoft).


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